Partner Program

Even with an abundance of functions and features,Mackerel prides itself on its high level of usability.Collaborating with partner companies allows us to take on complex infrastructureissues and contribute to the business development of our customers.

What's the Partner Program?

The goal of the Mackerel Partner Program is to team up with other companies to better tackle the operational monitoring challenges found in various infrastructure environments, including on-premises and the cloud, and in-turn help your business succeed.
Not only can our partners provide monitoring services to customers through use of Mackerel's features, but reporting daily operational statuses via our dashboards and simple screens is effortless. Partners can also reduce operational load by automating various infrastructure related settings using the partner-dedicated API.

Solving the challenges of operational monitoring

  • Nowadays, depending on what you want to monitor, there are a lot of tools out there that can vary in quality.
  • Multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructures are impossible to consolidate and the workload to manage/configure them is increasing.
  • Even the initial setup for infrastructure monitoring demands a high workload.
  • Current monitoring tools are quickly becoming out-of-date and maintenance is becoming more and more difficult.
  • Our goal is to not only provide you with the ability to monitor operations but also give you access to advanced services.

Industries of the partner program


  • Cloud / Operational Support (MSPs)

    Cloud / Operational Support (MSPs)

    Mackerel offers advanced monitoring for cloud implementaion / operational services and lets you visualize system statuses from various angles. Mackerel can also help enhance a partner company's key services, such as infrastructure design / operational support, 24/7 support, and consulting services.

  • Datacenters


    Provide your customers with an infrastructure that incorporates all of Mackerel's monitoring services. Not only that, customers can build a server that automatically comes complete with basic monitoring settings. And because Mackerel is a cloud service, no maintenance is required.

  • Internet Service Providers

    InternetService Providers

    Businesses ISPs that focus on communication services, but are also developing ancillary services like hardware, security, and applications. Further expand these services by adding monitoring elements.

Mackerel Partners

Mackerel partners offer a variety of different services,ranging from designing / building cloud operations to 24/7 support services.

  • kddi
  • biglobe
  • classmethod
  • iret
  • ntt-east
  • sony-biz-networks
  • nhn-techorus
  • link

Want to become a Mackerel Partner?

A program menu is available for businesses that support corporate infrastructure operations,such as MSP and cloud / data center businesses.

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