Customize and Automate

Customize and Automate

Choose from a plethora of plugins available for various environments,all published on OSS and independently expandable to meet your environment's needs.Accelerate the automation of operations by flexibly integrating development / operation toolswith abundant APIs and managing settings with Infrastructure as Code.


Unlimited expansion, Flexible monitoring


Expand the / your monitoring agent by using one of Mackerel's official plugins or create your own to meet your specific needs. And if you think your plugin might be useful to others as well, you can contribute it to the official plugin pack.
There are three types of plugins: custom metric plugins, check plugins, and metadata plugins. Each of which supports a wide range of monitoring such as host-specific metric posting, metadata registration, and check monitoring expansion.

Install the official plugin pack
Install the official plugin pack (for Linux OS). For more details, check out the Help page - Using the official plugin pack to visualize middleware metrics.


Manage by codeAutomate with APIs

Manage by code Automate with APIs

Based on the ideology of Infrastructure as Code, Mackerel is focused on API design to improve operational efficiency by coding and automating operations and settings performed from the GUI, and to be able to flexibly integrate other tools. Mackerel also offers its official command line tool "mkr" which supports server operation.

Promote code management and automation with APIs and the CLI tool mkr
Promote code management and automation with APIs and the CLI tool mkr.


Why choose Mackerel?

  • Overwhelmingly Simple Installation

    Overwhelmingly Simple Installation

    Simply install the monitoring agent on your server and you're ready to start monitoring.

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  • Full-fledged Monitoring

    Full-fledged Monitoring

    The ability to integrate various communication tools promotes information sharing within teams and creates an opportunity to foster monitoring based on the state of the system.

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  • Advanced Monitoring

    Advanced Monitoring

    Take advantage of advanced functions such as combining multiple metrics, monitoring predicted values, and using machine learning to detect anomalies that deviate from past trends.

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  •  Multi-cloud and Containers

    Multi-cloud and Containers

    Centrally manage various infrastructure environments such as containers and the cloud.

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  • Customize and Automate

    Customize and Automate

    Use plugins to support environment compatability. Plugins are made available as OSS and can be expanded to match unique environments.

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