A SaaS server monitoring service with an intuitive UI, optimized for the cloud era, that fosters a culture of team-based system monitoring/operation.A beacon for cloud operations.

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Why choose Mackerel?

Mackerel is a server monitoring service provided by Hatena Co., Ltd.that offers all the functions necessary for cloud monitoring and service operation.

  • Overwhelmingly Simple Installation

    Overwhelmingly Simple Installation

    Simply install the monitoring agent on your server and you're ready to start monitoring.

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  • Full-fledged Monitoring

    Full-fledged Monitoring

    The ability to integrate various communication tools promotes information sharing within teams and creates an opportunity to foster monitoring based on the state of the system.

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  • Advanced Monitoring

    Advanced Monitoring

    Take advantage of advanced functions such as combining multiple metrics, monitoring predicted values, and using machine learning to detect anomalies that deviate from past trends.

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  • Multi-cloud and Containers

    Multi-cloud and Containers

    Centrally manage various infrastructure environments such as containers and the cloud.

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  • Customize and Automate

    Customize and Automate

    Use plugins to support environment compatability. Plugins are made available as OSS and can be expanded to match unique environments.

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Rest assured with a complete support system

Mackerel CREs (Customer Reliability Engineers) are dedicated to working close with customers and strive to find solutions while focusing on the real issues.

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Rest assured with a complete support system
  • Speedy and accurate technical support

    Speedy and accurate technical support

    Our CREs are on standby to offer accurate technical support and help resolve issues quickly.

  • Support from the start

    Support from the start

    A CRE will guide customers through the Mackerel indrodcution (installation) process from initial planning to subsequent stages of utilization.

  • Extensive documentation

    Extensive documentation

    We are constantly adding to the fullness of our documentation with the help of customer / user feedback and the latest information.

Mackerel's History and DevOps

Born fromHatena's dogfooding

Since its founding, Hatena has launched various services and released them into the world. Hatena's infrastructure environment has now grown to support dozens of services with thousands of servers. With the growth of Hatena's services, Mackerel evolved to ensure stable operation of these environments and solve various technical issues. Mackerel is a product that has been repeatedly trained with the best dogfooding, along with the promotion of DevOps within Hatena.

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Born from Hatena's dogfooding
Mackerel White Paper

Learn moreabout Mackerel here

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Learn more about Mackerel here
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