Reliability born from dogfooding

Reliability bornfrom dogfooding

The birth ofMackerel

Mackerel開発のきっかけ Mackerel開発のきっかけ Mackerel開発のきっかけ Mackerel開発のきっかけ Mackerel開発のきっかけ

Hatena Co., Ltd. develops and operates multiple Web services centered around community services. Mackerel was developed as an in-house tool to optimize the management of the thousands of server systems required to operate these services. As Hatena's services and organizations grew and expanded, and the technology evolved, Mackerel became the center of Hatena's server management / monitoring while supporting development and operation teams.

All of Hatena's operational know-howpacked into one service

After a complete makeover, Mackerel was released in 2014 as an SaaS-type server monitoring service packed with all the operational know-how gained from Hatena's development and operation experience. In pursuit of user-friendliness, the Hatena-based concepts "services" and "roles" were adopted to provide an operation model fit for the cloud era.

An ever-evolving Mackerel

Mackerel is used to monitor thousands of systems within Hatena. The service continues to evolve by benefiting from the knowledge gained over time and from user feedback. Mackerel achieved a goal of more than 70 continuous months of function releases since the service's inception. Mackerel continues to evolve by aggregating monitoring know-how in the field, and by adapting to the evolution of technology such as containers and multi-cloud environments, advanced monitoring utilizing machine learning, and supporting infrastructure as code.


Why choose Mackerel?

  • Overwhelmingly Simple Installation

    Overwhelmingly Simple Installation

    Simply install the monitoring agent on your server and you're ready to start monitoring.

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  • Full-fledged Monitoring

    Full-fledged Monitoring

    The ability to integrate various communication tools promotes information sharing within teams and creates an opportunity to foster monitoring based on the state of the system.

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  • Advanced Monitoring

    Advanced Monitoring

    Take advantage of advanced functions such as combining multiple metrics, monitoring predicted values, and using machine learning to detect anomalies that deviate from past trends.

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  • Multi-cloud and Containers

    Multi-cloud and Containers

    Centrally manage various infrastructure environments such as containers and the cloud.

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  • Customize and Automate

    Customize and Automate

    Use plugins to support environment compatability. Plugins are made available as OSS and can be expanded to match unique environments.

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