Rest assured with a complete support system

It is the mission of our CREs (Customer Reliability Engineer) to work alongside customers to
understand the issues at hand and guide them to the right solutions.
Rest assured with our full support on your DevOps journey with Mackerel.

Reliable Support ona personal level

Mackerel has a team of CREs (Customer Reliability Engineers) whose mission is to "get to know the customer, focus on the real issues, and work together to find solutions".

As business models and market needs become more diverse and complex, so do the systems that support them. The number of subjects and technologies that DevOps engineers need to understand and be able to control is ever-increasing.

Meanwhile, infrastructure engineers and SREs (Site Reliability Engineers) whose mission is to properly define system availability and balance development speed and reliability, a large part of Mackerel's core users, are probably more concerned with day-to-day operations, asking themselves "Is this correct?", "Is this really enough?", and "Is there a better way?".

The role of a Mackerel CRE isn't limited to the service's applications how to use Mackerel. They also provide a wealth of knowledge and pratical know-how on topics such as SREing, DevOps, cloud applications and more. CREs offer support so that customers can find comprehensible answers and engineers can continue system operations with peace of mind.

It's almost like having someone on your team who's just really familiar with Mackerel.

  • Speedy and Accurate Technical Support

    Speedy and Accurate Technical Support

    Our technical support team aims to answer your questions accurately and in the smallest number of steps possible so as not to slow you down. Our proactive and approachable style of communication provides a perfect approach to tackling your underlying challenges.

  • Extensive Documentation

    Extensive Documentation

    Multiple forms of documention are readily available so that you can solve any problem at your own leisure. Look up basic specifications and configuration methods in the help page, troubleshoot and find tips in the FAQ, get feature releases and maintenance information on our official blog.

  • Support from the Start (from the get-go)

    Support from the Start (from the get-go)

    We understand that not everyone has the time to research new tools. So our CREs provide personalized support in the way of technical discussions, demonstrations, in-house seminars, planning assistance and more.

  • Online Seminars

    Online Seminars

    Mackerel frequently offers a variety of online seminars where you can learn about the service and helpful tips based off case studies. These are a great way to play catch up or to train new members.
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  • Ambassador Program

    Ambassador Program

    The Ambassador program is a special program for users keen on spreading the good news of Mackerel. As a Mackerel ambassador, you get access to our free plan and we send you an original Mackerel gift.
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  • Community Support (User Groups / Official Events)

    Community Support (User Groups / Official Events)

    Join our thriving community, meet and exchange info with fellow users at our official events and Meetups. We also have a UserGroup run by volunteer Mackerel users. Mackerel User Group BlogSlack mackerel-ug


During the first few months of deploying Mackerel, a CRE will accompany you through the process.They can offer systematic knowledge, hands-on for basic controls, configuration examples, and more. They will also provide detailed planning and support so that you can hit the ground running.

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