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  • During the trial period, you can use the features equivalent to the standard plan for two weeks for free
  • All usage fees are based on the number of hosts for all functions
  • The number of hosts will be calculated using the moving average of the past month
  • The number of active (billable) hosts is counted periodically at intervals of about one hour or less
  • When changing to a Standard Plan, About contracts and payments, Terms of Service and Specified commercial transaction act will apply

The pricing structure will change for usage from November 1, 2024. For more information, please have a look here.

Comparing Plans




Standard host metrics limithost



Over-limit usage will be converted to the number of host. For more details, please refer to the various limits.

Micro host metrics limithost



Over-limit usage will be converted to the number of host. For more details, please refer to the various limits.

Service metrics limitorganization



Over-limit usage will be converted to the number of host. For more details, please refer to the various limits.

Data retention

1 day

460 days

Monitors limitorganizationMaximum number of monitoring rules for Standard host metrics and service metrics.


100(Restrictions can be raised)

External monitors limitorganization


Over-limit usage will be converted to the number of host. For more details, please refer to the various limits.

Custom dashboard limitorganization

100(Restrictions can be raised)

Users limitorganization



Anomaly detection by machine learning


Over-limit usage will be converted to the number of host. For more details, please refer to the various limits.

AWS Integration

Azure Integration

Google Cloud Integration

Service and Support

Technical support (email only)

Online Documents

About various limits



How to convert over-limit usage to number of hosts

Standard host metrics


1 standard host cost per 200 metrics

Micro host metrics


1 micro host cost per 30 metrics

Service metrics


1 standard host cost per 200 metrics

External Monitors


1 standard host cost per 20 URLsFree up to 20 URLs per organization if you have registered for 1 Standard Host or more

Anomaly detection by machine learning


1 standard host cost for every 5 hosts in the role that are subject to anomaly detection for roles

For more detailed information, please refer to the Conversion of the number of hosts when the plan limit is exceeded.


About metrics

What are host metrics?

Host metrics are metrics associated with the server such as CPU, memory, and load average.

What are service metrics?

Service metrics are metrics that are not associated with a particular host.

Mackerel's service metrics let you record and visualize any metric that isn't tied to a specific host. You can monitor the latency of an entire service, data for applications that aren't tied to a specific host, and even a day's sales and page views (PV). Service metrics let you monitor the growth and reliability of your service and can help you make decisions regarding.

What are standard hosts and micro hosts?

A standard host is any host installed with mackerel-agent or an instance of VM integration. A micro host is any pod, task, Amazon Web Service (AWS) other than VM integration, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud integration component with mackerel-container-agent registered as a sidecar.
Click here for more details

About plans

What features can be used with the free trial?

After registering and creating a new organization, you can use the same functions as the Standard plan for free for two weeks.

What happens when the 2-week free trial period ends?

At the end of the free trial, you will automatically be transferred to the Free plan. If you complete the application for the paid plan before the end of the trial period, the plan will start at the same time you apply and the remaining days of the trial period will be discarded.
After migrating to the Free plan, each item will not be displayed beyond the Free plan limit, but the data will remain for a certain period of time. If you switch to the paid plan, the display of each item will be restored.

About contracts and payments

What payment methods are available?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, and Discover Card). Credit cards are charged every month according to the selected plan. We also offer consultations regarding other payment methods depending on your usage record.

Will I recieve a receipt?

Yes, receipts are issued. You can view and download your receipts from the Mackerel web console after registration. A receipt URL can also be downloaded from the payment confirmation email that is automatically delivered every month.

Is there a volume discount?

To inquire about discounts, please contact us by filling out the form.

Can you give me a quote?

Please contact us using the form.

What is the minimum fee?

It is possible to use only the service metrics or external monitoring without registering a host. However, even if you only use these features, you will be charged for more than 1 standard host. For more details, please refer to Calculating the number of hosts.

When will the payment be made?

See here.

About support

How do I contact support?

Click here

How long does it usually take to get a response?

See here

Does the usage fee include support costs?

It is free to contact our support team during operating hours (10: 00-19: 00 during business days).

Is there a paid support plan?

We offer an "Onboarding Program" for a fee that differs depending on your situation and needs. Customers are guided through the implementation process by a CRE (Customer Reliability Engineer) from planning to the use of basic functions.
For more details, contact us by filling out the form.

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